Call for Citizen-Friendly and Inclusive Public Digitalization
On 8 November 2022, 35 researchers, experts and representatives of relevant societal organizations met to develop principles and initiatives in support of a more citizen-friendly and inclusive digitalization of the public sector. As a result of the meeting, 8 principles emerged which you can read more about here.
Welfare after Digitalization (WaD)

The research project Welfare after Digitalization (PI: Associate Professor Vasilis Galis) held an international conference in November 2022, during which the WaD-researchers launched a booklet. As you can read in the booklet, it came; 


“from the intent to provide a space for well-being and creative expression. Exploring different ways of expressing ourselves, and our experiences in engaging the digitalization of welfare, aided by a variety of individuals who claim writing as their craft. It was an exercise in redistributive care that nonetheless, became entangled in the broader extractivist pressures that increasingly permeate academic hierarchies.” (p. 3)


Enjoy the read!

Folkemødet 2022

Experience Minister of the Environment Lea Wermelin, climate investor Tommy Ahlers, top researcher Katherine Richardson and Ørsted VP Ingrid Reumert - and not least the always well-placed quizhost Lasse Rimmer. 

The Danish climate profiles quizzes on the climate agenda and sustainable digitization.

Climate Jeopardy was organized by ITU researchers Brit Ross Winthereik and James Maguire in Danchell's Debate Tent at the Folkemødet on Friday 17/6 from 11.30-12.30.

Want to play CDW's Climate Jeopardy?

Try it yourself here


Academic Publications and Scientific Reports 

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SOS research project 


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Science & Technology Studies

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Political Geography

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Health Environments Research & Design (HERD)


More publications

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Tech og strategi i øjenhøjde 

Listen as former Head of Center, Brit Ross Winthereik is the guest on the podcast 'tech og strategi i øjenhøjde'. The episode focuses on the positive and negative experiences Denmark have had with digital welfare, and discusses how digitalization can benefit more citizens. 

[The podcast is in Danish]

Listen here. 

Klub Digital Velfærd

New episodes every week: Anders Kjærulff speaks with researchers at Center for Digital Welfare and takes detours into the world to explore everyday digital welfare issues.

[The podcast is in Danish.]

Listen here.

Data as Relation : The Podcasts

Listen to the Data as Relation podcasts to learn more about GDPR, Privacy & Ethics, Tech Futures, Data infrastructures and State Surveillance, as well as Data, News and Journalism. 

Listen here.

Data as Relation: lille land - store data

Listen to the special series of the Data as Relation podcasts telling the story of digitalization and big data in little Denmark through conversation with some researchers behind the project.

[The podcast is in Danish.]

Listen here. 

Nødradio fra Garagen: Corona-Eksperimentet

In a special edition of his podcast 'Nødradio', journalist Anders Kjærulff  interviewed the team of the research project Everyday Digitalization. Here the researchers tell about their own experiences during the lockdown but also give insight into the material and the archive they have built.

[The podcast is in Danish.]

Listen here.

Opening debate: What is digital Welfare?

On Thursday, the 8th October 2020, the Center for Digital Welfare was officially opened. Moderator Anders Kjærulff debated with Tanja Danner, founder and director of STAYRELEVANT-IT, Brian Rasmussen, Technical Director IBM Norden, Knud Kristensen, Chairman of SIND – Landsforeningen for Psykisk Sundhed (National Association for Mental Health) and Pia Tesdorf, Data Proection Consultant.

[The debate is in Danish.]

Listen here. 


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