Past Events

Folkemødet 2023:
Setting the agenda for digital welfare and beyond

The audience at the event

CDW were, naturally, represented at Folkemødet 2023 through our own event and participation at various debates.

CDW co-hosted an interactive panel dialogue on digital in-/exclusion of youth titled "Digital Citizenship in the Shadow of the Digital Native" together with the Danish folk-highschool, Krogerup Højskole. The purpose of the event was to challenge and question the idea of young people as "digital natives" and ask what consequences public digitalization of the welfare sector has for young people as digital citizens. The panel dialogue between the panelists and the audience sparked a lot of interesting insights, from identifying problems and listening to lived experiences, to ideating ideas and visions for a future "youth friendly" digital welfare state and digitalization strategy. See all panelist and more at our LinkedIn post from the event here. 

The following day, June 16, Søren Skaarup, post.doc., and Irina Papazu, Head of Center, from CDW participated in panel debates on solutions to digital welfare and green transition within educational institutions, respectively. Here we again highlighted the increasing inequality that arises in delivering digital welfare services, how civil rights are being compromised in the pursuit of more efficient public administration procedures, and how this creates digital marginalisation of vulnerable people. For more, see our LinkedIn post here.

CDW Distinguished Speakers Series feat. Ellen Helsper

Inequalities in Digital Well being event poster

Inequalities in access to and skills in managing digital technologies have been researched and discussed in quite a bit of depth over the past two decades. These inequalities often reflect historical inequalities between countries and between people from different socio-economic and socio-cultural backgrounds. This talk will discuss two topics that are less well researched. First, unlike attention grabbing headlines a more nuanced approach will be taken to look at inequalities in who benefits and suffers socially and psychologically from digitisation. Secondly, we will look at inequalities in the participation in digital spaces and the ways that people experience these.

Ellen Helsper is Professor of Digital Inequalities in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE, where she also serves as Programme Director for the MSc Media and Communications (Research). Her current research interests include the links between social and digital inequalities; mediated interpersonal communication; participatory immersive digital spaces (VR, ER); and quantitative and qualitative methodological developments in media and communications research.

CDW Distinguished Speakers Series feat. Professor Minna Ruckenstein

Book cover The Feel of Algorithms

Algorithmic relations refer to the processes through which algorithmic culture emerges by people establishing and maintaining human-machine connections. It is not enough to ask what algorithmic systems are doing to us; we must also consider what we are doing to algorithms. This talk engages with ‘the feel of algorithms’ outlining how the analysis of algorithmic folklore and related emotional responses provides new perspectives on algorithmic relations. By examining the affective infrastructure, we can identify various modes of presence and participation in algorithmic culture, ranging from enthusiasm and ‘mild paranoia’ to irritation and frustration.

Minna Ruckenstein is a Professor of Emerging Technologies in Society at the Consumer Society Research Centre, University of Helsinki, and leads the Datafied Life Collaboratory. Her ongoing research projects focus on the patterned nature of algorithmic culture and breakages, repair, and renewal of algorithmic systems

Folkemødet 2022: Climate Jeopardy

Experience Minister of the Environment Lea Wermelin, climate investor Tommy Ahlers, top researcher Katherine Richardson and Ørsted VP Ingrid Reumert - and not least the always well-placed quizhost Lasse Rimmer. 

The Danish climate profiles quizzes on the climate agenda and sustainable digitization.

Climate Jeopardy was organized by ITU researchers Brit Ross Winthereik and James Maguire in Danchell's Debate Tent at the Folkemødet on Friday 17/6 from 11.30-12.30.

Do you want to play CDW's climate jeopardy, too? Try it yourself here!