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Becoming a CDW member

As a member in the CDW, your organization participates in various activities within specific working groups, as well as joint activities across the CDW. The CDW memberships aim at creating a mutual knowledge-sharing hub focused around topics related to digital welfare. Thus, members are given access to on-going research and tentative findings and insights pertaining to the individual working group’s current projects. 


The CDW members include a wide range of actors in the digital welfare landscape, including public authorities, industry, interest organisations, academia, entrepreneurs, grassroot organizations, opinionists / influencers, politicians, etc. Their mutual interest and varied experience with digital welfare bind the members together, and in cooperation with the CDW researchers they make out strong knowledge hubs on topics specific to the CDW working groups.


Besides a yearly participants fee, the CDW members are strongly encourage to take active part in their individual working groups and in the CDW. Showing up for working group meetings, engaging with the CDW researchers and other members on common projects, and sharing experiences and critiques are key points in making the CDW memberships a success, for members and researchers alike


 Our Members


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If you want to learn more about the CDW memberships, please contact

Kitt Plinia Nielsen

Strategic Project Manager

+45 7218 50 82


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The CDW has a social media presence, communicating immediate news of research activities and relaying information directly from our researchers. If you want to subscribe, you can find us at Twitter and LinkedIn.

In addition to these on-going communication efforts, the CDW publishes a bi-monthly newsletter in both Danish and English. In these newsletter, we dive deeper into the research and outreach activities, we announce up-coming events and list the most recent publications of the CDW researchers. To sign up, please follow this link.