Academic Publications


Academic Publications
Fabulating Biodata Futures for Living and Knowing Together
Tsaknaki, Vasiliki, Pedro Sanches,Tom Jenkins, Noura Howell, Laurens Boer, and Afroditi Bitzouni (2022)

Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS '22)

Autonomy Alliances and Data Care Practices
Carreras, Barbara Nino, and Sisse Finken (2022)


Volunteer-based IT Helpdesks as Ambiguous Quasi-Public Services - a Case Study from Two Nordic Countries
Christensen, C., Ehrenberg, N., Christiansson, J., Grönvall, E., Saad-Sulonen, J. and Keinonen (2022)

Nordic Human-Computer Interaction Conference (NordiCHI '22

The Problem(s) of Caring for the Commons
Fritsch, J., Saad-Sulonen, J. & Poderi, G.(2022)

Nordic Human-Computer Interaction Conference (NordiCHI '22)

Collectives and Their Artifact Ecologies
Korsgaard, H., Lyle, L., Saad-Sulonen, J., Nylandsted Klokmose, C., Nouwens, M., and Bødker, S. (2022)

Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction

Participatory design and urban commons, with Anna Serravalli

Saad-Sulonen, Joanna; and Sanna-Maria Martilla (2022)

Podcast series: Commoning Design and Designing Commons

Becoming Sustainable Together: ESG Data Commons for Fintech Startups
Wang, Cancan; Østerlund, Carsten; Jiang, Qiuyu; and Dittrich, Yvonne, (2022)

ICIS 2022 Proceedings

Scalar trajectories in design: The case of DIY cloth face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic
Botero, A. and Saad-Sulonen, J. (2022)

Journal of Design Practice

Når din leder er en app: Hvem har ansvaret for unges arbejdsmiljø i platformsøkonomien?
Nielsen, M. L., Laursen, C. S., Nielsen, L. Y., & Dyreborg, J. (2022)



Analog Flows in Digital Worlds: ‘Migration Multiples’ and Digital Heterotopias in Greek Territory
Galis, V. & Makrygiannis V. (2022)

Political Geography


The Migration Mobile: Border dissidence, sociotechnical resistance and the construction of irregularized migrants. 
Bak Jørgensen, M. Galis, V. & Sandberg, M (eds.) (2022).

Rowman and Littlefield


Research Methodologies and Ethical Challenges in Digital Migration Studies: Caring For (Big) Data?
Bak Jørgensen, M., Rossi, L. Galis, V. & Sandberg, M. (eds.) (2022)

Springer International Publishing


Migration and counter-information practices: enhancing mobility while subverting the mainstream media. In Bak Jørgensen, M. Galis, V. & M. Sandberg (eds.) (2022). The Migration Mobile: Border dissidence, sociotechnical resistance and the construction of irregularized migrants
Galis, V. & Makrygianni, V. (2022)

Rowman and Littlefield


The Redundant Researcher: Fieldwork, Solidarity, and Migration. In Sandberg, M. et al. (eds). Research Methodologies and Ethical Challenges in Digital Migration Studies.
Galis, V. (2022)

Springer International Publishing


Healing Architecture in Healthcare: A Scoping Review
Duff, C., Simonsen, T & Sturge, J (2022)

Health Environments Research & Design (HERD)


The Palgrave Handbook of the Anthropology of Technology
Bruun, M.H., Wahlberg, A., Douglas-Jones, R., Hasse, C., Hoeyer, K.L., Kristensen, D.B., & Winthereik, B.R. (eds.) (2022).

Palgrave Macmillan


Digital inklusion i praksis på Biblioteket Frederiksberg 
Carreras, Barbara N. & Winthereik, B. R (2022) 

SOS forskningsprojekt 


Policy Concepts and Their Shadows: Active Ageing, Cold Care, Lazy Care, and Coffee-Talk Care
Ertner, M. & Winthereik, B. R (2022)

Science & Technology Studies

Environ/mental ecologies in new media art
Fritsch, J. & Witzke, A.S (2021).

In Hannah Star Rogers, Megan K. Halpern, Dehlia Hannah, Kathryn de Ridder-Vignone (eds.) (2021). Routledge Handbook of Art, Science, and Technology Studies


Datafication of Police Work: Unboxing the Contested Social Practices of Public Surveillance
Adamsone-Fiskovica, A., Galis, V., Masso, A., Nesterova, I., Gundhus, H. O. I. & Papada, E., 2021

Nordic Science and Technology Studies Conference May 20-21 2021.


Experimenting with Ethnography: A Companion to Analysis
Ballestero, A. & Winthereik, B. R. (eds), 2021.

Duke University Press Books.

Beyond the Museum: Leadership Experiences from VR Production Studios
Wang, C. & Nino Carreras, B. P., (Accepted/In press), 2021

Curator: The Museum Journal.


Klub Digital Velfærd
Kjærulff, A., 2021.

Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud. Center for Digital Welfare. (Accessed June 30 2021.)


Fragile robots and coincidental innovation: Turning Socio-gerontechnology towards ontology
Ertner, S. M. & A.J. Lassen. 2021.



Cohousing IoT: Technology Design for Life in Community
Jenkins, T. 2021.

In Multimodal Technologies and Interaction 5, 14. 


Energy Worlds in Experiment
Maguire, J., L. Watts & B.R. Winthereik. 2021.

Mattering Press.


Understanding Digital Societies
Perriam, J. & S. Carter (Eds.). 2021.  

SAGE Publications Ltd.


Christopher M. Kelty. The Participant: A Century of Participation in Four Stories
Poderi, G. 2021. 

Tecnoscienza: Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 146-150.


Designing with Emerging Science: Developing an Alternative Frame for Self-Tracking
Jenkins, T, Boer, L, Homewood, S, Almeida, T & Vallgårda, A. 2020.
In 32nd Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Association for Computing Machinery.


Laterale sammenligninger som eklektisk analysestrategi
Papazu, I & Olaison, L. 2020. 

In Eklektiske analysestrategier. Nyt fra Samfundsvidenskaberne, pp. 223-247.

Participatory Sensing in the Speculative Smart City
Trier, SH & Jenkins, T. 2020. 

In 32nd Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Association for Computing Machinery. 


A Migrant’s Tale of Two Cities: Mobile Commons and the Alteration of Urban Space in Athens and Hamburg
Bak Jørgensen, M. & Makrygianni, V. 2020.

In Commoning the City: Empirical Perspectives on Urban Ecology, Economics and Ethics, edited by Derya Özkan and Güldem Baykal Büyüksarac. Space, Materiality and the Normative. Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge.


Commoning Design And Designing Commons
Botero, A., Marttila, S., Poderi, G.Saad-Sulonen, J., Seravalli, A., Teli, M., & van Amstel, F. 2020.

In Proceedings of the 16th Participatory Design Conference 2020 - Participation(s) Otherwise - Volume 2 (PDC ’20). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 178–180. 


Commoning Design: a pluriversal slide-deck. Version 2.0
De Götzen, A., Botero, A., Seravalli, A., Vértiz, B., Onafuwa, D., van Amstel, F., Poderi, G.Saad-Sulonen, J., Scott, K., Huybrechts, L., Foverskov, M., Teli, M., Cibin, R., Guzman, S. S., Macbeth, S. 2020.


Fragile Robots and Coincidental Innovation: Turning Socio-Gerontechnology towards Ontology
Ertner, S.M. 2020.

Socio-gerontechnology workshop, Bristol, United Kingdom, 29/06/2020 - 30/06/2020.


Tracing the future of migrants’ labour relations. Experiences of institutionalised migrant precarity in Denmark and Greece
Floros, K. & Bak Jørgensen, M. 2020.

Political Geography, vol. 77, 102120. 


Silent Data, Active Patients
Laursen, C. S. & Finken, S. 2020.

In: Kreps D., Komukai T., Gopal T.V., Ishii K. (eds) Human-Centric Computing in a Data-Driven Society. HCC 2020. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, vol 590. Springer, Cham.


Unge på digitale arbejdsplatforme: Prekært arbejde eller unge entreprenører?
Nielsen, M. L. & Laursen, C. S. 2020.

Nordisk Tidsskrift for Ungdomsforskning 1(2), 105-123. 


The Subjects of/in Commoning and the Affective Dimension of Infrastructuring the Commons
Poderi, G. 2020.

Journal of Peer Production, 14.


Service design and participatory design: time to join forces?
Saad-Sulonen, J., de Götzen, A., Morelli, N & Simeone, L. 2020.

In Proceedings of the 16th Participatory Design Conference 2020 - Participation(s) Otherwise - Volume 2 (PDC ’20). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 76–81. 


Den rumlige organisering af psykiatrisk praksis. En situeret undersøgelse af ‘helende arkitektur’
Simonsen, T. 2020.

Tidsskrift for Professionsstudier 31, 162-165.  


The spatial organization of psychiatric practice: A situated inquiry into 'healing architecture'
Simonsen, T. 2020. 

vol. PhD Series 03.2020, 1st edition edn, Copenhagen Business School Press.


Mutual visibility and interaction: staff reactions to the ‘healing architecture’ of psychiatric inpatient wards in Denmark
Simonsen, T. & Duff, C. 2020.



When Ambiguity Rules: The Emergence of Adaptive Governance from (In)Congruent Frames of Knowledge Sharing Technology
Wang, C., Medaglia, R. & Jensen, T.B. 2020.

Information System Frontier. 


Decoupling Accountability and Liability: Case Study on the Interim Measures for the Opening of Public Data in Shanghai
Wang, C. & Staykova, K. 2020.  

Naveiñ Reet: Nordic Journal of Law and Social Research, No.09, pp. 275-298. 


Brug af borgeres data: En problematisering af etik som fundament for digital velfærd
Winthereik, B. R. 2020.  

Tidsskrift for Arbejdsliv, 22(3), 89-94.


Digitale labyrinter skaber ulighed
Winthereik, B. R. & Hjelholt, M. 2020.  

ING/DIGITECH. December 2, 2020. 


Is ANT’s radical empiricism ethnographic?
Winthereik, B. R. 2020.

In A Blok, I Farias & C Roberts (eds), The Routledge Companion to Actor-Network Theory. Routledge, pp. 24-33.


Mol, Annemarie
Winthereik, B. R.Papazu, I. & Salling, C. 2020.

In P. Atkinson, S. Delamont, A. Cernat, J.W. Sakshaug, & R.A. Williams (Eds.), SAGE Research Methods Foundations.